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Who We Are

We work to inspire ALL community members to embrace and participate in active lifestyles while cherishing our amazing natural world.



Our Work

Our work is focused on four primary sectors: stewardship, outdoor recreation, health, and medical interpreting. Visit our programs page to learn more about our work!



Our Events

Vive Adventures provides exciting and inclusive outings for everyone. Check out our Adventures tab and explore our vast array of outdoor activities.


Vive NW’s Upcoming Grand Tour

Vive Alaska con Vive NW

Alaska, a land of unparalleled wilderness, invites you to experience adventures beyond imagination.

Join Vive NW for an extraordinary journey to some of the most breathtaking landscapes on Earth.

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Our Footprint

Check out the many places where we serve communities and provide amazing adventures and services.

We are excited to continue to expand our reach.

Let’s explore Hawaii

In Hawaii, Vive NW celebrates the island's breathtaking natural beauty by providing culturally enriching outdoor experiences that encourage inclusivity, respect for traditions and culture, and a deeper connection to the land. We acknowledge that tourism in the region has had mixed impacts. Therefore, we strive to facilitate sustainable and locally-focused tourism and recreation that honors, and partners with, local communities.

Let’s explore Oregon

Vive NW was first established in Oregon in 2016 to offer a diverse range of programming and services across the state. Our programs encompass outreach, recreation, health, stewardship, and interpreting.

This wide range of programming allows Vive NW to partner with various government, private and non-profit organizations to meet various needs across Oregon’s communities.

Let’s explore Washington

Vive NW delivers a host of captivating stewardship, recreation, and tourism opportunities throughout Washington State, from its rugged coastal cliffs to its highest peaks.

We are excited to continue expanding our programming and services throughout The Evergreen State.

Let’s explore California

Vive NW is excited to announce that we will begin offering recreation opportunities throughout the Golden State! We aim to bring diverse communities to many of the state’s natural and ecological wonders. Additionally, we will be implementing stewardship efforts in conjunction with our recreation and tourism efforts in the state.

Keep an eye out for a news release on our upcoming expansion into California!

Let’s explore Nevada

Vive NW has led a host of exciting outings across the incredible landscapes of Nevada.

We recognize that many outdoor spaces throughout the state present different access barriers, and we aim to work with various partners throughout the state to make recreation, tourism and stewardship more inclusive and welcoming.

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